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Different material bracelet and k gold watch how conservation


Steel / metal bracelet daily wear and maintenance advice

In order to prevent the accumulation of ash, wearing watches should pay attention to daily cleaning, such as prolonged exercise recommended off love table, to prevent the contact of sweat and dust on the bracelet. If the bracelet is dirty, please use a toothbrush to make a simple scrubbing before confirming that the waterproof function of the watch is in good condition.

Watch all the metal bracelets have a unique design and special technical treatment, the general is unlikely to produce this situation. In daily wear, the most noteworthy is that as far as possible not to let the love form by external impact or bump.

Daily wear steel strap to form a gray stain after sweating is actually sweat mixed with dust on the table, you can clean.

If wear a longer time, wear more serious, you need professional maintenance and repair. Need to check the link between the watch chain at this time, if the wear and tear serious, affecting the connection function requires the replacement of parts, but also need to re-connect screws to prevent falling off the technical processing.

For example, "discoloration", "bad taste", "deterioration" and the like are likely to occur when the watch band is exposed to sweat or other liquids during wearing. Therefore, it is recommended in daily wear more attention to keep the strap dry and clean, try to avoid contact with the liquid. If you come into contact with liquids, such as rain, it is advisable to wipe them with a clean towel at once and then dry or warm with a warm air. Special attention, drying temperature should not be too high.

Leather strap life and wearing habits and the local climate conditions. If worn well, more care when worn, usually one to two years to replace the strap. If the environment is humid, leather strap life will be reduced accordingly.

Rubber strap daily wear and maintenance advice

Watch rubber strap has its unique advantages, such as waterproof, suitable for wearing in summer or high humidity environment. It is worth noting: If the rubber sheet with the situation of aging appear, please change.

Clasp loosening can be repaired: depending on the specific reasons for the crochet loosen, depending on the slight deformation of the loose can generally be free to adjust.

Plating / K gold daily wear and maintenance advice

Table for the plating and K gold chemical stability, wear-resistant, but the white K gold, rose gold after a long period of wear, especially in the sweat of the summer is likely to appear a slight discoloration, it is because there is human sweat A small amount of chloride, lactic acid, urea, ammonia, etc., these substances may react with K gold chemical reaction, resulting in trace amounts of dark black chemical salts.

Maintenance focus:

1, K gold material is mainly the need to avoid the summer sweat corrosion, it should be the best regular wet cotton gently wipe to remove perspiration and dust.

2, after scrubbing or cleaning, blow dry the table can be used.

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